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How to Avoid Indoor Condensation

Condensation affects many homes and seems to be most commonly present in properties that are poorly heated and poorly insulated and generally appears to worsen over the winter months.

Condensation is moisture in the air. There is always moisture present but it is when the air gets colder that it cannot hold all the moisture and therefore tiny drops of water start to appear. The easiest way to view it is when you see your breath on a cold day or when mirrors mist near steam or a bath. Problem rooms are nearly always Kitchens and Bathrooms, as they are major sources of atmospheric water. Activities such as cooking, washing up, drying, showering and bathing release moisture into the air.

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dmhqzdHow to Avoid Indoor Condensation

The perfect solution for safety conscious families with small children

Anyone who has a small child in their home will be all too aware of the worry of window blinds. The traditional blinds that can be hung at windows and doors have free hanging cords (and often 2 chords to operate a separate raise and tilt action). They are an accident waiting to happen, not only for small children but also for pets and I am forever tying my chords up out of the way … out of reach of little hands and paws.

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dmhqzdThe perfect solution for safety conscious families with small children