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Making An Entrance

It’s no surprise that the front door gives the first impression into our homes, our lives and ourselves. After all, the front door is what takes you inside a home and gives the first indication of what to expect next. Welcoming, Cheerful, Charming, Intimidating, Old or New, the front door says a lot about the homeowner.

The structure, period and style of home often dictate the look of the front door.  However, details such as colour, texture, door furniture (knockers, handles, house numbers and letter plates), doormats, plant pots and foliage such as ivy all add to the effect the door creates. Doors can be contemporary and sleek in design or traditional and elegant. So here are a few useful tips to make the most of the exterior of your entrance way:

Some entrances to a home are on the side of a property and not at the front, as you would often expect. Also some houses have 2 doors next to one another so (and this may sound obvious) a path leading to the main entrance is an ideal way not to confuse visitors and lead them to the correct entrance.

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dmhqzdMaking An Entrance

So Summer Arrived …Finally!

After months of wishing the summer weather would arrive,  the sun finally awoke in July and hit us in the UK, with a heat wave …. wow was everyone feeling it! Like most homes we were struggling to sleep! The heat at night time was really uncomfortable and then I read a great tip about opening our loft hatches to let some heat escape into the roof void. It made a massive difference to the heat on the top floor of our home, and i wish we had thought about doing it earlier!

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dmhqzdSo Summer Arrived …Finally!