We Are Now A Rehau Authorised Partner

Why Rehau? When we started trading in 2003 we installed only Rehau products at a time when there was high customer awareness of the brand. Since then the market has become saturated with consumer choice for products.  Over the last few years we have tried and tested various other extrusions, but nothing has come close to

Solidor – High Security Lock Now as Standard on Our Composite Doors

As home owners we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of home security. Many new homes are built with home security devices and homeowners will upgrade by spending £100’s and even £1,000’s on a system. This in essence will alert them to an intruder inside thier home, but the likelyhood is that the external


Our new FENSA MTC Cards recently dropped onto the door mat. As the new compliance of FENSA it shows the identity of the window and door installer/surveyor and the scheme stores the details of the experience and qualifications that have been achieved by the card holder. In September 2012 the DCLG (Department for Communities & Local Governments) agreed the new measure of

Window & Door Installers Now Have A Duty To Be Flood Aware

We are so fortunate to live here in the County of Sleepy Suffolk and to not be in the midst of a high risk flood area. Though anyone who’s had half an ear open, to the current news, will be aware of the devastation of the recent flooding caused by Storm Desmond and the damage it has

Are the Days of Felt Roofs Out Numbered?

Garages, Porches, Dorma Window Roofs, Summer Houses and Extensions are all commonly roofed in felt. Being children of the 70’s and forever retrieving tennis balls and Frisbees from garage roofs – it almost feels like a material of our childhood. However, the history of felt roofing goes way back!  Originating from Tar Paper which is basically

Celebrating 350 Years Trading

When thinking about glass in the UK, and particularly glass in the home, the company name that automatically springs to most of our minds is “Pilkington”. However, there is a much bigger player in the market who is currently celebrating 350-years of trading. The French company Saint-Gobain are one of the largest glass and building

Lock Snapping Prevention in Bury St Edmunds

What is Lock Snapping? With current statistics showing that most burglars gain entry to a property through a door (73% of the total number of break ins) its worth looking at the security of your doors and the prevention of lock snapping. Even when a burglar does not gain entry through a door they will look