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What is a composite door?

Composite doors have recently become the preferred choice of entrance doors for many people and many homes. The composition of a “composite door” is the key to its success. It is made up from a variety of materials including PVC, insulating foam, wood and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). With the combination of materials it cleverly cancels out the common problems that can arise from a single material door. So unlike single material doors:

  • the composite doors are less likely to react to seasonal changes
  • they have a higher resistance to weathering
  • they provide increased home security
  • they offer better sound proofing
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dmhqzdWhat is a composite door?

More Colour Choice for Windows & Doors – RAL Colours

The increased number of RAL colours for plastics has made a massive impact to consumer choice for window and door colours. Instead of just the bog standard red, blue, green, black and white etc customers now have a much larger range of shades to choose from and can match a colour from a paint or other coloured object if they know the RAL number for it.

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dmhqzdMore Colour Choice for Windows & Doors – RAL Colours

Is your home in Bury St Edmunds Conservation Areas?

If you live in Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Conservation Area or Victoria Street Conservation Area you will have been informed about the Article 4 Direction, which has recently been implemented by the Planning Department of the local council.

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dmhqzdIs your home in Bury St Edmunds Conservation Areas?

Warmer In Winter

With home heating costs soaring every year it makes sense to keep your house well insulated – and new windows can drastically improve the warmth of your

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dmhqzdWarmer In Winter

10 Year Guarantee!

We are a FENSA registered company (registered no. 25819) and therefore our installations are inspected to ensure that we comply with the current

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dmhqzd10 Year Guarantee!

New Website!

Our new website is currently under construction and is due to launch in just a few days. Please check back soon or use the numbers below to get in touch.

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dmhqzdNew Website!