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Building on our reputation of high quality window and door installations in Suffolk

It may be a cliche to say that you are “only as good as your last job” but it really is so true.
It cannot be disputed that as a small business word of mouth and customer referrals are still as vital as ever, in order to continue to attract new business. If the recent Volkswagen scandal does nothing else it highlights to business owners alike how valuable a companies reputation is for both large and small businesses. After all, consumer trust takes time to be built and can be knocked down with one out breath. 
In the age before social media and technology, word of mouth was the only link to consumers for the majority of small businesses. In order to grow and to build a profitable business you need happy customers who will talk about their experience and dealings with your company. Whether talking is done virtually through instant technology or face to face it is still as vital as ever.

That is why it is so important not to forget the value of customer satisfaction in today’s competitive industry. Within the day to day running of a business, it could be so easy to loose the focus of a companies main purpose “to successfully provide a service to our happy customers”. 
It is common knowledge that consumers are more likely to talk about a bad experience than a good one – which i totally understand. However, I am a great believer in giving credit where credit is due and if i am able to draw attention to the negatives I should be as quick to point out when i have had an exceptional experience. I’m not sure if this is purely because i have the experience of being a small business owner or if its as much because that’s who i am? What ever the reason, i always make a point of telling a company when i have received outstanding service. Not to just follow suit and communicate only to pass on tales of bad experiences. We all need constructive criticism yes, but we need to be acknowledged when we offer above and beyond that which is asked and expected of us.
I stayed at a London hotel a few years ago which accepted dogs and to say the concierge went out of his way to make our experience and our pets the best he could make it was an understatement. On arrival we were not happy with our room 1 because the bed did not feel like it was going to give us the comfiest nights rest but also 2 because it was not a ground floor room near an exit (which would not have been particularly convenient for our pooch and a late night call of nature). The concierge took over and returned within a couple of minutes with keys to 3 different rooms. Not only were we upgraded and shown 3 alternative rooms which we were asked to choose from. The same member of staff remembered all our names and the dogs name and greeted us every time we saw him (it was not a small hotel!) as well as giving us lots of recommendations for eating and transport. By the time we checked out of the hotel not only had we forgotten about our initial problems but we were already arranging to revisit the hotel again. We have stayed at the same hotel several times since and each time the service we have received has been above and beyond other hotel experiences. I have made a point to contact the manager of the hotel in person to convey to them what a credit to their company their staff are and have provided them with specific examples for both the restaurant staff, reception and concierge providing us with outstanding service. 
As a consumer I have high standards when spending my hard earned wages so the service industries have alot to live up to, but companies providing both a product and a labour intensive service have multiple challenges to address. For us, installing quality products means sourcing reliable and efficient manufacturers and suppliers. They enable us to supply quality windows and doors to install in homes in Bury St Edmunds and throughout Suffolk and East Anglia. The reliability of our manufacturers and the quality of our products allow us to put our time and efforts into our service and quality of finishings. Our customers expect a high level of customer service and we are very proud to say that our experienced installers provide the level of workmanship to match. By offering a clear way to order windows and doors we offer a straightforward service and product and do what we say we will in the time scale agreed. The quality of our installations and the experience of our team enhance and show our products off – reinforcing our companies abilities. 
Sometimes its tells alot more about a company in how they deal with a problem and resolve an issue then when everything goes to plan as expected. 


dmhqzdBuilding on our reputation of high quality window and door installations in Suffolk
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