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Solidor – High Security Lock Now as Standard on Our Composite Doors

As home owners we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of home security. Many new homes are built with home security devices and homeowners will upgrade by spending £100’s and even £1,000’s on a system. This in essence will alert them to an intruder inside thier home, but the likelyhood is that the external door lock (on their entrance doors) probably hasn’t been given much consideration. These are commonly just a standard lock cylinder, worth only around £3. It sounds ludicrous when you think about it, as these can be easily upgraded to a higher security lock at far less cost than a home alarm system.

This is why we, as replacement window and door installers in Bury St Edmunds – Suffolk, are so excited that we can now announce our Solidor Doors are even more secure. From January 2016 all our Solidor Composite Doors will come as standard with the 3 Star – Ultion High Security Cylinder!

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dmhqzdSolidor – High Security Lock Now as Standard on Our Composite Doors


Our new FENSA MTC Cards recently dropped onto the door mat. As the new compliance of FENSA it shows the identity of the window and door installer/surveyor and the scheme stores the details of the experience and qualifications that have been achieved by the card holder. In September 2012 the DCLG (Department for Communities & Local Governments) agreed the new measure of competency for installers and surveyors of replacement windows and doors in domestic properties. Therefore having to comply with Minimal Techinal Competencies (MTCs).

FENSA has enforced the transition to MTC Cards for its 2015 deadline by giving the option for its window and door installers to complete the process through the experience route or the qualification route. The Experience Route for the MTC Card was only relevant for those with a minimum of 2 years in the industry.

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dmhqzdOur FENSA MTC Cards

Celebrating 350 Years Trading

When thinking about glass in the UK, and particularly glass in the home, the company name that automatically springs to most of our minds is “Pilkington”. However, there is a much bigger player in the market who is currently celebrating 350-years of trading.

The French company Saint-Gobain are one of the largest glass and building materials suppliers in the world. They have contributed to a long list of technological advancements in architecture, science, transport, the arts, the home and as they like to state “general life”. They take credit for the famous Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles and the glass

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dmhqzdCelebrating 350 Years Trading

Window and Door Home Security Advice – Before The Clocks Go Back on 25th October

With the official end to the British Summer time just around the corner, so too are the inevitable long dark nights. Then going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark will be the normal routine for many of us, as well as spending more time curled up in the warmth of our homes in the evenings.  This is the time of year when i start looking and making lists, both at work and home, of all the jobs that need doing before the winter weather arrives.  So before the darkness it upon us (and we are switching our lights on before 4pm) not only is it a great time to review home maintenance but most importantly, it is good to think about home security. After all, no one wants to come home after a hard day at work to discover they’ve had some uninvited visitors in their home searching through all their private belongings.

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dmhqzdWindow and Door Home Security Advice – Before The Clocks Go Back on 25th October

Building on our reputation of high quality window and door installations in Suffolk

It may be a cliche to say that you are “only as good as your last job” but it really is so true.
It cannot be disputed that as a small business word of mouth and customer referrals are still as vital as ever, in order to continue to attract new business. If the recent Volkswagen scandal does nothing else it highlights to business owners alike how valuable a companies reputation is for both large and small businesses. After all, consumer trust takes time to be built and can be knocked down with one out breath. 
In the age before social media and technology, word of mouth was the only link to consumers for the majority of small businesses. In order to grow and to build a profitable business you need happy customers who will talk about their experience and dealings with your company. Whether talking is done virtually through instant technology or face to face it is still as vital as ever.
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dmhqzdBuilding on our reputation of high quality window and door installations in Suffolk

Lock Snapping Prevention in Bury St Edmunds

What is Lock Snapping?

With current statistics showing that most burglars gain entry to a property through a door (73% of the total number of break ins) its worth looking at the security of your doors and the prevention of lock snapping. Even when a burglar does not gain entry through a door they will look to exit by one – which is another reason not to leave keys in the door lock or within sight of the door. Even in so called “Sleepy Suffolk” we have seen a rise in Lock Snapping entry.

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dmhqzdLock Snapping Prevention in Bury St Edmunds

What is a composite door?

Composite doors have recently become the preferred choice of entrance doors for many people and many homes. The composition of a “composite door” is the key to its success. It is made up from a variety of materials including PVC, insulating foam, wood and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). With the combination of materials it cleverly cancels out the common problems that can arise from a single material door. So unlike single material doors:

  • the composite doors are less likely to react to seasonal changes
  • they have a higher resistance to weathering
  • they provide increased home security
  • they offer better sound proofing
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dmhqzdWhat is a composite door?

More Colour Choice for Windows & Doors – RAL Colours

The increased number of RAL colours for plastics has made a massive impact to consumer choice for window and door colours. Instead of just the bog standard red, blue, green, black and white etc customers now have a much larger range of shades to choose from and can match a colour from a paint or other coloured object if they know the RAL number for it.

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dmhqzdMore Colour Choice for Windows & Doors – RAL Colours

Is your home in Bury St Edmunds Conservation Areas?

If you live in Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Conservation Area or Victoria Street Conservation Area you will have been informed about the Article 4 Direction, which has recently been implemented by the Planning Department of the local council.

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dmhqzdIs your home in Bury St Edmunds Conservation Areas?