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Making An Entrance

It’s no surprise that the front door gives the first impression into our homes, our lives and ourselves. After all, the front door is what takes you inside a home and gives the first indication of what to expect next. Welcoming, Cheerful, Charming, Intimidating, Old or New, the front door says a lot about the homeowner.

The structure, period and style of home often dictate the look of the front door.  However, details such as colour, texture, door furniture (knockers, handles, house numbers and letter plates), doormats, plant pots and foliage such as ivy all add to the effect the door creates. Doors can be contemporary and sleek in design or traditional and elegant. So here are a few useful tips to make the most of the exterior of your entrance way:

Some entrances to a home are on the side of a property and not at the front, as you would often expect. Also some houses have 2 doors next to one another so (and this may sound obvious) a path leading to the main entrance is an ideal way not to confuse visitors and lead them to the correct entrance.

Illuminating a porch or a front door not only makes it more visible from the road but also creates a warm and welcoming entrance to a home.

Seasonal accessories, like Christmas wreaths in the winter and potted daffodils in the spring, contribute to the personality of an entrance and doorway.

Fences and gates are a great way to mark the boundary of a property. Wooden picket fences look great if you have the time to annually paint them but if maintenance is unrealistic there are lots of other options including plastic and aluminum painted fences and wooden railway sleepers with wood chipping or shingle.

Quirky doormats, door furniture and ornaments can also display the personality of the household/home owner. However, subtlety is often the key in this area so as not to over do it.

A wall mounted or potted plant is one of the simplest ways to brighten up an entrance and add a splash of colour with little cost and effort involved.

The importance of front door furniture can make such a difference to an entrance. Doorknockers, Letter Plates, Handles and Latches are all options that add personalisation to a door design.

Doors can be up-dated and modernized by replacing the glass and door furniture, such as damaged or broken handles letterboxes. Some doors showcase beautifully coloured and intricate stained glass designs.

The door has a massive impact on the entrance and new doors can be designed to compliment both period and contemporary homes and will suit various architectural styles. A good quality Rehau PVC-u Door, with the option of wood grain foils, are a great choice for a replacement front door. Colours including grey, black, Irish oak and Chartwell green are all available. Solidor Composite Doors are a very popular option both for high-end security but for their range of designs and current colours. They are also available in any RAL colour so you can personalise your door by picking a colour to match your favourite paint. The Higher price range includes Traditional Timber doors, which incur regular maintenance requirements. Also Aluminum door options are available, some with very contemporary geometric designs. Our front doors never compromise on security or style, enhancing your home whilst adding value to your property.

I was always told things can be old and worn but there is never an excuse for them to be dirty. A well swept and cleaned front porch and regularly washed front door (with polished glass and door furniture) is always the best way to brighten up the oldest of properties and after all, costs nothing except a little time and elbow grease!

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