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Lock Snapping Prevention in Bury St Edmunds

What is Lock Snapping?

With current statistics showing that most burglars gain entry to a property through a door (73% of the total number of break ins) its worth looking at the security of your doors and the prevention of lock snapping. Even when a burglar does not gain entry through a door they will look to exit by one – which is another reason not to leave keys in the door lock or within sight of the door. Even in so called “Sleepy Suffolk” we have seen a rise in Lock Snapping entry.

So in basic terms, Lock Snapping involves the snapping of the lock cylinder in two, by applying force, and removing the outside part of the cylinder to expose the locking mechanism, allowing the door to be easily unlocked and opened from the outside.

Thieves may use tools such as hammers, mole grips and screwdrivers to snap the locks and can gain access very quickly (within a minute or so). This technique does not require experience or skill, just brute force. 
The locks most at risk of this type of attack, are fitted with a euro profile cylinder. 
Most UPVC and Composite doors operate with a multipoint locking system which utilises a lock cylinder and therefore are generally fitted with the Euro profile lock.

Front and Back Door Security

You may have had a new front door or back door installed recently however, do not assume that the lock will provide the necessary level of security to prevent lock snapping. You will generally need to request the upgraded anti snap, locking system upon purchase of a new door. It does not commonly come as a standard on doors.


To increase door security we recommend the Anti snap cylinders by Yale TS007 3 star approved cylinder, ideally kitemarked. Or the ABS SS312 diamond approved lock cylinder.

The Anti-Snap euro profile lock cylinder offers three separate lines of defence to deter even the most determined attack.

These include:

a snap-off front section, which will come away if attacked to give the intruder less of the cylinder to grasp

hardened grip defenders, which make gripping the rest of the cylinder difficult

and a hardened reinforced bar – designed not to snap, but to flex in a way that will defeat the vast majority of intruders.

In addition to these new lines of defence, the Yale Anti-Snap cylinder still has the same features that you would expect from the original Yale Kitemarked cylinder, including anti-drill, anti-screw, anti-bump and anti-pick protection.

Yale’s Superior cylinder and Platinum handle combination is accredited with the coveted TS007 3* BSi Kitemark – the most secure available for composite doors and locks, introduced by the Door and Hardware Federation with the GGF as an answer to vulnerable cylinders. 

If you have an external PVCu or composite door, you can upgrade your euro profile cylinder to Yale’s AS Platinum Anti-Snap lock. Replacing the lock cylinder is an effective and easy way of making your home secure without having to change the entire lock or door. Then you can be assured that your home has the very latest security protection to go with the nice new front or back door.




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