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External Condensation On Replacemant Glass

From time to time, we receive queries about the appearance of external condensation on glass of replacement windows that we have installed. Our customers in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk are always reassured when we explain that this phenomenon is a natural occurrence and not a fault in the glass or window product.

Moisture condenses out of the air onto a cold surface that is said to be below the dew point (i.e. temperature at which water vapour becomes liquid). The dew point varies with the air temperature and the amount of moisture it contains. Particularly in spring and autumn, the glass temperature can fall to a low level during the night and the dew point can be comparatively high in these seasons. The glass temperature can be below the dew point under these conditions and moisture can condense onto the surface.

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dmhqzdExternal Condensation On Replacemant Glass

The Importance of Maintenance for Replacement Windows & Doors

It is a popular misconception that an installation of uPVC replacement windows and doors puts an end to window maintenance! Yes, timber windows should really be sanded down, painted and varnished annually/bi-annually but Replacement Windows and Doors also need some regular TLC, to ensure they are functioning correctly and that their warranty is still valid! If you read the

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dmhqzdThe Importance of Maintenance for Replacement Windows & Doors

We Are Now A Rehau Authorised Partner

Why Rehau? When we started trading in 2003 we installed only Rehau products at a time when there was high customer awareness of the brand. Since then the market has become saturated with consumer choice for products.  Over the last few years we have tried and tested various other extrusions, but nothing has come close to the quality, finish and big brand support that Rehau provides to our replacement window company. So we are happy to say we have now officially gone full circle and are back not only installing Rehau but we are now the only Rehau authorised partner in Bury St Edmunds and surrounding area. Plus 1 of only 4 companies in the whole of Suffolk. Our company listing can be found on their website:


Founded In 1948 in Germany – Rehau then came to the UK in 1962. It was one of the first companies to manufacture and sell upvc window and door systems in this country.

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dmhqzdWe Are Now A Rehau Authorised Partner

Solidor – High Security Lock Now as Standard on Our Composite Doors

As home owners we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of home security. Many new homes are built with home security devices and homeowners will upgrade by spending £100’s and even £1,000’s on a system. This in essence will alert them to an intruder inside thier home, but the likelyhood is that the external door lock (on their entrance doors) probably hasn’t been given much consideration. These are commonly just a standard lock cylinder, worth only around £3. It sounds ludicrous when you think about it, as these can be easily upgraded to a higher security lock at far less cost than a home alarm system.

This is why we, as replacement window and door installers in Bury St Edmunds – Suffolk, are so excited that we can now announce our Solidor Doors are even more secure. From January 2016 all our Solidor Composite Doors will come as standard with the 3 Star – Ultion High Security Cylinder!

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dmhqzdSolidor – High Security Lock Now as Standard on Our Composite Doors


Our new FENSA MTC Cards recently dropped onto the door mat. As the new compliance of FENSA it shows the identity of the window and door installer/surveyor and the scheme stores the details of the experience and qualifications that have been achieved by the card holder. In September 2012 the DCLG (Department for Communities & Local Governments) agreed the new measure of competency for installers and surveyors of replacement windows and doors in domestic properties. Therefore having to comply with Minimal Techinal Competencies (MTCs).

FENSA has enforced the transition to MTC Cards for its 2015 deadline by giving the option for its window and door installers to complete the process through the experience route or the qualification route. The Experience Route for the MTC Card was only relevant for those with a minimum of 2 years in the industry.

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dmhqzdOur FENSA MTC Cards