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Bespoke Glass Design From Brief to Installation

We love it when we get a project that is a bit different.

We were asked by a customer to remove a now, unused door way that lead into a lounge.


They wanted to replace it with a fixed window with a decorative glass design. Being at the back of the property with a lovely open view the customer wanted to create something abit unique to make the most of the sunlight the window would attract. They would then decorate inside the room around the stain glass window design once it was installed.


An abstract design was created by the customer.

Original Glass Design

After a few adjustments to the colour and design (which were required due to the limitations of size for coloured glass), the final design looked like this and the manufacturing of the unit began.


Our glass manufacturer recreated the abstract shapes using antique lead.


The colours were then marked in place.




The addition of textured overlays to the glass was suggested by the glass manufacturer. A seperate texture was selected for the colours and another one for the clear sections.


When the glass unit arrived we confirmed what a perfect match it was to the mock design!

Our installation team then had the job to install the sealed unit into a white Rehau fixed Frame.


What an amazing transformation it was. Unfortunatly the day of the installation was not the brightest day but, even so, you can see the effect of the sun shining through the coloured glass will have on the room.


The outside looks totally different and you would never have believed a door with plain glass and a side panel was once in its place!


dmhqzdBespoke Glass Design From Brief to Installation
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