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Our new FENSA MTC Cards recently dropped onto the door mat. As the new compliance of FENSA it shows the identity of the window and door installer/surveyor and the scheme stores the details of the experience and qualifications that have been achieved by the card holder. In September 2012 the DCLG (Department for Communities & Local Governments) agreed the new measure of competency for installers and surveyors of replacement windows and doors in domestic properties. Therefore having to comply with Minimal Techinal Competencies (MTCs).

FENSA has enforced the transition to MTC Cards for its 2015 deadline by giving the option for its window and door installers to complete the process through the experience route or the qualification route. The Experience Route for the MTC Card was only relevant for those with a minimum of 2 years in the industry.This form of assessment combined site visits and inspections with online tests at an approved assessment centre. Surveying and Installing qualifications needed to be taken seperately. The assessment then needs to be completed every 5 years.

The Qualification Route means that a minimum of NVQ Level 2- for Installers, and Level 3 -for Surveyors had been achieved.

So the benefits for the domestic customer are visible evidence of Minimal Technical Compentances in the form of being able to ask to see an MTC Card. This obviously enables the customer added peace of mind with proof of ID and that a surveyor/installer at their home has been monitered and considered to be compliant with testing. Though the question is will customers actually be aware of the scheme in order to request compliance of it to a company?

From a companies point of view the MTC gives recognition to the current skills, knowledge and competance of their staff and company and the card itself gives proof of meeting with the MTC requirements. In theory for staff it can allow greater employability with the proof to a prospective employer of knowledge and that a qualification has been achieved.

Though many companies will argue that its just another tick box compliance enforced to bump up FENSA’s revenue if it helps to define the bonafide installer from the rougue trader then surely it can only be of benefit to the window and door industry.


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