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Windows and Doors in Shades of Grey

Windows and Doors in Anthracite Grey are still an extremely popular colour choice for home owners. There is also a current demand for matching metal guttering in this colour, so with the addition of rain water systems to compliment windows and doors in Anthracite Grey, it is proving to continue as the market favourite for both new builds and refurbished properties.

Probably one of the reasons for its popularity is that Anthracite grey seems to compliment any property new or old, rendered, cladded or brick finished. Giving a contemporary finish to any home.

Whether it be aluminium, timber or PVC-u frames that you are looking for (wood grain or smooth finish), replacement PVC-U Windows and Doors are all popular in the Anthracite Grey. Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors look particularly stunning in this colour, but there are also other shades of grey available for windows and doors such as Slate Grey – which is slightly lighter option.

Anthracite Grey is still the dominating colour in the replacement door market for Solidor and although it is still very much their market favourite they, like most manufactureres, also have a much softer grey variant option which they have named French Grey. This is proving to be popular in the current market also.

Another option available, and definitely worth considering when ordering replacement windows and doors, is to have Grey on the exterior window frames and doors but white inside – making the interior lighter and brighter. This is a very popular way of achieving the external colour of choice but keeping a traditional and light appearance inside the home when replacing windows and doors.

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